What Is Considered an Emergency Dental Extraction?

What Is Considered Emergency Dental Extraction? | Katy, TX

Immediate dental help due to unexpected occurrences is something everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. Emergency dentists help in times of such unannounced dental emergencies. In our previous blog, we have explained 4 situations you require emergency dental extraction in Katy. However, Dentists, who provide emergency dental extraction, save one’s fallen tooth by offering immediate dental help.

About Emergency Dental Extraction in Katy, TX:

An emergency dental extraction has to be done within a day or two. When the tooth is broken or has cracks, the pain will increase along with related oral health risks. An emergency dentist will try to save the tooth if you approach the clinic immediately. If it's not possible then the emergency dentist will extract the tooth. And decide which tooth replacement option to pick out after consulting the patient.

5 Emergency Dental Extraction Treatments Performed in Richmond, Greatwood, Katy, Pecan Grove and Rosenberg:

  1. Tooth Decay:

    If dental plaque and tartar are not cleaned regularly and left to build up, it causes tooth decay. If tooth decay is left untreated it will worsen. The severe pain which may get triggered due to tooth decay suddenly can create a need for emergency tooth extraction.

  2. Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

    The third molars are considered wisdom teeth and these normally grow in the early twenties. Some people do not have enough space in the jaw to keep the teeth intact. Consequently, these molars push the other teeth. At times the molars may get stuck in the gums. This is when you need to visit an emergency dentist in Richmond to perform emergency dental extraction without any deferral. This prevents further complications.

  3. Periodontal Disease:

    An attack on the gums and other parts that support the teeth is called Periodontal disease. When the gums get weaker it lessens the support. This makes it easy for the teeth to fall out. Thus an emergency dental extraction Katy is necessitated.

  4. A Fractured Tooth:

    Teeth help with chewing. But if the teeth are imperfectly placed then it can increase bite issues. This can cause the lower teeth or molars to crack whilst chewing food. A recent filling or a root canal can also increase the possibility of a cracked tooth. If the teeth crack during playing, then an emergency dental extraction is needed from a pediatric dentist in Rosenberg.

  5. Crowded Teeth:

    At times some people suffer from crowded teeth. If there are more teeth on the jaw and it is crowded, then emergency dentists do advise tooth extraction. Removing a tooth can straighten one’s smile. Having said that, only if it's necessary then emergency dental extraction Katy will be done in such cases.


Dr. Sally Abouassaf and her team at Family Dental Corner offer emergency dental extraction in Katy. Family Dental Corner helps patients by providing them the best oral health support. Call 832-980-9111 to schedule an appointment with Family Dental Corner. Browse through the website of Family Dental Corner to discover more details about their services. Dr. Sally A. Abouassaf at Family Dental Corner serves the residents of Pecan Grove, Richmond, Greatwood, Rosenberg, and Katy.

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