What Transpires in the Course of an Emergency Dental Extraction?

Emergency Dental Extraction

Emergency dental extraction in Katy is not common. However, in some cases of severe bleeding or pain due to an injury, it becomes necessary. What are some other cases when emergency dental extraction becomes necessary? Is your emergency dentist eligible to perform dental extraction in Katy? And what happens during this procedure? If you have these queries in mind, read along.

What Is an Emergency Dental Extraction?

It's a procedure wherein a tooth is completely removed from the mouth. But sometimes, due to severe pain or bleeding, this process should take place within 24-48 hours. In these situations, extraction is referred to as emergency dental extraction.

What Happens During Emergency Dental Extraction in Katy?

Once you visit your dentist, he/she will inspect your teeth first. Most probably, there’ll be an X-ray to understand the problem better. In case the problem is real, your dentist will numb the area and proceed with tooth extraction. This way, you won’t feel any pain. Once the tooth extraction is complete, your dentist will prescribe some antibiotics to prevent any infection.

Make sure to know that the procedure changes from time to time. Also, it varies from customer to customer. So, reach out to Dr. Sally A Abouassaf at Family Dental Corner for personalized dental treatment.

3 Reasons You Need Emergency Dental Extraction in Katy:

  1. Affected Wisdom Tooth:

    Wisdom teeth usually erupt in the early twenties or late teens. And this eruption pushes other teeth away. If you suddenly feel a new tooth that is painful, contact a dentist ASAP.

  2. Tooth Decay (severe):

    A tooth can be saved if you reach your dentist in time. However, if the decay is severe, you’ll need an emergency dental extraction in Katy. It’s because if you don’t, other teeth can get affected too. So, visit a dentist even if you notice a slight decay.

  3. Fractured Tooth:

    When you're chewing hard foods, your teeth experience immense pressure. And if your teeth do not meet properly while chewing, you might fracture your tooth. Sometimes, when the fracture goes beneath the gum line, it can be dangerous. In this case, you’ll need an emergency dental extraction.

What Are the Benefits of an Emergency Dental Extraction in Katy?

There are many benefits of an emergency dental extraction in Katy, including:

  1. Relief From Pain:

    One of the most common reasons for an emergency dental extraction is to relieve pain from a toothache. Once the tooth is removed, the pain will usually go away immediately.

  2. Infection Prevention:

    If a tooth is infected, it can spread the infection to other teeth or to other parts of the body. An emergency dental extraction in Katy can prevent the infection from spreading.

  3. Improved Oral Health:

    Removing a tooth that is damaged or decayed can improve your oral health. It can also make it easier to keep your mouth clean.

  4. Correct Alignment:

    Sometimes, teeth need to be removed to correct the alignment of the teeth. This can improve the appearance of your smile and make it easier to chew and speak.

  5. Prepare for Dental Implants:

    If you are missing one or more teeth, an emergency dental extraction in Katy can prepare the site for a dental implant. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is surgically implanted into the jawbone, and it is the only tooth replacement option that preserves the natural tooth root.

The decision to have an emergency dental extraction, should be made by you and your dentist. If you are experiencing pain, infection, or other dental problems, an emergency dental extraction in Katy may be the best option for you.

Who Can Help You With Emergency Dental Extraction in Katy?

For dental extraction and another emergency dental treatment, contact Dr. Sally A Abouassaf at Family Dental Corner. Dr. Sally A Abouassaf is an experienced dental expert with a record of providing the best treatment. So, you can rely on her. Also, she sees patients from the below locations:

  • Richmond.
  • Katy.
  • Rosenberg.
  • Pecan Grove.
  • Greatwood.

If you are looking for emergency dental extraction in Katy and if you're from any of the above locations, contact Dr. Sally A Abouassaf at Family Dental Corner now! Visit our website or call us at 832-980-9111 and schedule an appointment today.

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