Do I Need an Emergency Dental Extraction in Katy?

Do I Need an Emergency Dental Extraction? | Dentist Katy, TX

There is no way out when you are involved in an accident except visiting the emergency room to rule out any complications and getting a quick treatment. The same is the case with dental injuries. If a person is in an accident that involves his teeth, it is important to visit a dental specialist immediately who can provide a quick treatment to ensure perfect oral health. This is where the services of an emergency dentist are required.

In our previous blog, we have given 10 signs you need an emergency dentist in Katy. Many times, people are confused about when to visit an emergency dentist in Katy. One of the reasons is an emergency dental extraction.

Few Pertinent Facts Related to Emergency Dentistry in Katy:

Emergency dentistry is a specific field of dental science where a patient receives emergency dental services that cannot be postponed to a regularly scheduled appointment. Some of the dental emergencies that may need the services of an emergency dentist are breaks, cracks, severe pain, discomfort, and related issues that need immediate attention.

The emergency dentist in Katy immediately diagnoses the patient and starts with the treatment to save the patient's teeth. In some cases, it is not possible to save their teeth, and it is here where emergency dental extraction is required.

4 Situations You Require Emergency Dental Extraction in Katy:

Here are four situations when emergency dental extraction becomes unavoidable:

  1. Massive Damage:

    A patient may need an emergency dental extraction in Katy, when severe pain, massive breaks, or large cracks are experienced, putting the patient's oral health at risk. Visiting an emergency dentist can save the tooth, but if it requires removing or extraction, it dis advised to discuss appropriate replacement options.

  2. The Narrow Window of Time:

    The first 24 hours are crucial as this is the best chance an emergency dentist may have to save the tooth. Post that, the chances of saving the tooth reduce drastically. And there is no option but to get the tooth extracted.

  3. Cost of Tooth Extraction:

    The cost of tooth extraction may vary depending on the severity of damage sustained by the patient. Since it is an emergency dentistry service, the emergency dentist in Katy has little or no time to prepare. Sometimes, emergency services have to be organized beforehand and that may cost more.

  4. Emergency Dental Extraction and Insurance:

    Moreover, these services are often not covered by the insurance service providers, resulting in the patients paying the whole cost of the service from their own pockets. There may also be some additional expenses after the emergency procedure is complete.


An emergency may arise at any time. Thus, it is important to know which emergency dentist in Katy is available to provide emergency dental services. Dr. Sally A Abbouassaf at Family Dental Corner provides emergency dental services in Katy, Richmond, Pecan Grove, Rosenberg, and Greatwood, TX. If you belong to any of the regions mentioned above, approach her for reliable emergency dental extraction right away.

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