5 Ways to Make Oral Hygiene Fun During National Smile Month

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Every year "National Smile Month" is celebrated with an intent to bring oral hygiene awareness. Parents need to teach healthy oral habits to their children early on. It might be a little difficult to get your little ones to maintain good oral health. But you can turn it around. You might want to find out what your child enjoys when it comes to oral hygiene practices. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 reasons you require a pediatric dentist in Katy. However, if you are anxious about your little one’s oral hygiene and want them to learn the importance of brushing and flossing, then a pediatric dentist recommends you try these five activities mentioned below to make dental hygiene fun.

5 Best Way of Fun Oral Hygiene By Children's Dentist Near You in Katy:

  • Dance While Your Little One Is Brushing:

    Just add fun to the teeth cleaning task. Tune into the favorite song of your kid and let everyone in the family dance. This makes your kid associate brushing and flossing with the fun event.

  • Track The Habit and Reward:

    Good habits do not develop overnight. Likewise, it takes time, discipline, and good parenting to infuse good oral habits. Let your kid get a token or some sticker every time they brush. On each miss, enforce a penalty. If they hit the monthly milestone, reward your kid with goodies, party or visit a kids dental clinic near you in Katy.

  • Brushing the Teeth to Find the Wild Animals:

    If you brush your little one’s teeth every day, you may want to have fun while cleaning your kid’s teeth. You can pretend to discover angry wild animals inside the mouth and then chase them with the toothbrush. You can add more details to the description to make it more fun.

  • Role Reversal:

    Are you tired of running behind your little ones to clean their mouths? How about a role reversal and expressing how good it feels to be pampered? Let your kid brush your teeth. You try to express gratitude and happiness when you get dental cleaning from your kid with a pediatric dentist in Katy.

  • Tell a Story:

    Stories give the imagination of a child, a new horizon. Be a storyteller and let your kid learn the fact that their superhero maintains good oral health and brushes/flosses regularly. This becomes a stimulus for your kid to practice good oral habits.

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