Dental Veneers: Find Out Who the Ideal Candidate Is and Who Is Not!

The Ideal Candidate For Porcelain Veneers

We all pine for that blemishless shimmering smile, don't we? A very few of them have that perfect smile. Luckily, there are specialised dental procedures which can aid you in attaining the smile you always coveted. One such easy yet effective option to get that dream smile is with a simple dental veneers procedure.

In our previous blog we have explained the placement process of porcelain veneers in Katy. However, if you are looking for the right place to get veneers in Katy, or porcelain veneers in Katy, Texas, visit Dr. Sally A Abouassaf at Family Dental Corner. Family Dental Corner serves the locations of Richmond, Katy, Rosenberg, Pecan Grove and Greatwood in Texas. Schedule an appointment now!

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are manufactured for those who have appreciable teeth stains. Veneers in Katy are a great cosmetic treatment option. Dental veneers look like a thin mask. When applied to your teeth it helps to change the appearance of your teeth instantly. At Family Dental Corner, our dentists will make custom dental veneers depending on your dental needs. We customise each veneer according to the shape, thickness, length, width, and colour of your teeth.

Am I the Appropriate Applicant To Affix Veneers in Katy?

Dr. Sally A Abouassaf at Family Dental Corner tells us a few signs to identify if an individual is a good candidate for porcelain veneers in Katy.

  1. Multiple Cosmetic Issues:

    Veneers in Katy are one of the best cosmetic treatment options available in the market. Whether you have one or more chipped, stained or crooked teeth, dental veneers are the right solution for you. With dental veneers, you can correct all your dental issues with just a single procedure.

  2. Interested In a Beautiful Smile:

    Last but definitely not the least, a patient must have the desire to fulfil their smile goals.

  3. No Clenching and Grinding:

    All those individuals who stay clear from grinding or clenching the teeth are suitable applicants for dental veneers. Since these habits can damage dental veneers and porcelain veneers in Katy it's always advisable for candidates who do not have the habit of chewing nails, or biting ice, etc as the right candidate.


If you want to get that dream smile of yours or if you just want to know more about veneers in Katy, visit Family Dental Corner today. Family Dental Corner serves in the locations of Richmond, Katy, Rosenberg, Pecan Grove and Greatwood, Texas. Explore our website of the clinic to learn more about Sally A Abouassaf, DDS. For more information call us at 832-980-9111 and schedule an appointment today.

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