Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Children?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Children? | Rosenberg, TX

Yellowish, crooked, gapped, or chipped teeth are quite natural for children. The reasons being they tend to engage in different activities and tipping off or falling down is very natural. More so, any issues with milk teeth are often fixed as they get their adult teeth.

However, at times, kids develop a brownish tinge on their baby teeth or have yellowish enamels. As they go to school and play around with other kids, yellowish or blackish tinge on their teeth may hurt their self-esteem. You might consider safe Teeth Whitening Rosenberg in such cases. But how safe is the procedure for the sensitive teeth? Ideally, it’s a simple No from any reputed Pediatric Dentist Rosenberg when it comes to this cosmetic dentistry near you for kids and teens, because of the chemical content. But parents can certainly consider a conservative approach for this. In our previous blog, we have explained 3 ways to keep dental sensitivity at bay with veneers in Rosenberg. Read along to know if teeth whitening is safe for childrens.

What American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Thinks About Teeth Whitening for Kids?

As per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, adolescents and children should go for teeth whitening only with proper treatment planning. The demand for bleaching agents has been on a rise considering its incredible benefits. Not only does it scale up your dental aesthetics, but also boosts your self confidence to a great extent. However, a significant amount of research has been done only on adults when it comes to teeth whitening agents. Insignificant or rare research has been conducted for the same on kids.

The cosmetic dentistry near you in Rosenberg should follow a proper protocol when it comes to younger ones. Also, AAPD strictly encourages supervision of young patients for teeth whitening by dentists and adults. More so, the teeth whitening agents should follow efficacy and safety benchmarks defined by the best practices in the dental industry as well as clinical research.

Precautionary Measures for Teeth Whitening in Rosenberg for Kids:

The most common side effect a kid can face with teeth whitening in Rosenberg is sensitivity and teeth irritation. This occurs because of the primary component of the bleaching agents viz. hydrogen peroxide that causes permeation of tooth enamel. Teeth whitening agents may not suit every kid alike. The common complaints can be:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Change in tooth color
  • Dentin demineralization
  • Injured tooth pulp
  • Damaged gum tissues
  • Enamel disintegration
  • Erosion of fillings, crowns or veneers


The best practice will be to avoid teeth whitening for kids by nipping the problem in the bud. So, refrain from food that can cause discoloration of kids’ teeth like sugary soda, coffee, colored candies and beverages, etc. Also, using a whitening toothpaste often helps. However, if the situation is extreme and exceptional to go for a teeth whitening for your kid, ensure to consult a leading pediatric dentist in Rosenberg like Dr. Sally Abouassaf.

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