Emergency Dentist and Dental Extraction in Katy, TX

Dental emergencies can be very scary and painful! Quick treatment at the best dental office nearby is the solution to ease the terrible pain and save the affected tooth.

What's a Dental Emergency?

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Injury, biting, or chewing on something hard can break a tooth. Consequently, fillings, crowns, and other restorations might also get harmed or broken completely sometimes.

4 Symptoms You Need Emergency Dentist for Dental Extraction in Katy:

  1. Do you have bleeding? If you have, then you need help at once.
  2. Have you lost a tooth in the injury? If yes, you need help.
  3. Do you have a loose tooth that is causing too much pain? If yes, call your emergency dental extraction in Katy immediately.
  4. Do you have any serious infections in your mouth, if yes do not delay looking for help.

What to Do if You Face a Dental Emergency?

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Dental mishaps occur anytime. Understanding what to do when dental emergencies happen can save a tooth.

For every single dental emergency, visiting your emergency dentist in Katy quickly is significant. Most dentists hold time in their day-to-day plans for emergency patients. Make sure to call your emergency dentist and give them the details about the situation you are facing. Assuming the mishap occurs to you when the dental office isn't open, then visit your nearby trauma center right away.

9 Common Dental Emergencies That Need An Emergency Dentist in Katy:

  1. Swelling in Jaw or Mouth:

    Sudden swelling in the mouth and jaw isn't ordinary. You might be suffering from a disease bothering your lymph nodes unknowingly. This condition ought to be treated with proficient dental consideration immediately.

  2. Unexplainable Toothaches:

    Toothaches are excruciating irritations. They must not be dismissed as trivial. They are your body's approach to letting you know that something isn't right in your mouth. You need to get in touch with your emergency dentist in Katy to help you feel better.

  3. Exposed Nerves:

    Uncovered nerves are an unbearable pain that will possibly deteriorate if you ignore or postpone your emergency dental visit. To stop this infection from further harming your nerves, or complicating the issue, look for guaranteed dental help quickly.

  4. Swollen or Bleeding Gums:

    Gum issues cannot be considered an emergency issue. However, if your gums have swollen up and are bleeding all of a sudden then it is better to meet up with an emergency dentist in Katy.

  5. Having an Abscessed Tooth:

    One of the biggest dental issues is having a tooth covered in pus. This issue if not treated on time can lead to many other issues such as fever, aversion to hotness and cold sensation, constant toothaches, sudden swelling in the face, and boils on the gums. It needs immediate help.

  6. Knocked-Out Tooth:

    A tooth accidentally getting knocked off is not good news. As indicated by the American Association of Endodontists, your emergency dentist in Katy can place it back and protect your tooth by acting fast. Reaching out to an emergency dentist is essential.

    A little tip: try to place the tooth back in its place before visiting the dentist. First rinse the broken tooth gently then place it back in the socket. If this is not possible then save your tooth in a cup of milk or clean water and take it along to the dentist.

  7. Food or Other Particles Stuck Between The Teeth:

    When food or a tiny particle gets stuck between your teeth and brushing does not help, then you need to consult your emergency dentist immediately. Only a dentist can remove the particle and eliminate the worry. Trying to remove it yourself might make your teeth shift, lead to an infection, or even cause tooth decay.

  8. Missing a Filling:

    Missing a filling is another common cause of emergency because the tooth can undoubtedly crack, break or chip without that support. Your tooth's nerves can get exposed, which can lead to various other dental issues that require quick treatment. Call your emergency dentist in Katy right away.

  9. Broken Crown:

    When a dental crown is damaged or falls totally, it exposes your tooth to disease and harm. Your emergency dentist will replace your crown and save you from a root canal, extraction, or any such dental procedures.

Top-notch preventive care helps in keeping any complicated dental issues under control. Dental emergencies can occur any time, but if you are quick to act when it strikes, there is nothing to worry about.

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