Is It Viable To Whiten Cosmetic Dental Implants?

Can I Get Teeth Whitening After Dental Implants | Rosenberg

If you desire to proceed with dental implants you should be aware of the fact that cosmetic dental crowns of an implant cannot be whitened. You can definitely do a teeth whitening procedure before considering an implant. In our previous blog, we have explained teeth whitening treatment in Rosenberg if you already have dental implants. In that way, the dental crowns will match your natural teeth color. If not, the artificial dental implant will be visible as they were not whitened in the first place.

Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry Near You in Rosenberg:

Despite dental implants being stain-resistant some pigmented foods and beverages can spoil the coating and can enhance the chance of possible stains. Often the bonding materials used in dental implants in Rosenberg attract stains after exposure to pigmented food and beverages. With the help of in-house whitening procedures, you can easily remove the stains.

The Dangers of Neglecting Your Dental Implants in Rosenberg:

In due course of time, dental implant crowns can get discolored depending on the cost of the materials. It is not possible to follow teeth whitening in Richmond procedures on a discolored crown. The traditional mode of whitening procedures only works on the teeth surface. Acrylic dental implants in Rosenberg can get compromised if you try to use teeth whitening toothpaste and will also allow pigmented liquids to stain the implant.

Can We Fasten Dental Implants After Teeth Whitening in Rosenberg?

Yes, we can consider dental implants after teeth whitening in Rosenberg. Many whitening agents are abrasive towards implants. Cosmetic dental crowns are made from ceramic, resin, porcelain, and metals. Emax crowns are made with lithium disilicate ceramic and are known for their durability. If maintained properly it usually lasts a lifetime.

Upkeep of Dental Implants Post the Whitening Procedure:

You can maintain healthy oral hygiene by avoiding certain substances like pigmented foods, and beverages.

  1. Habits such as consuming alcohol, smoking, and tobacco chewing can easily cause a brownish or yellow stain to the natural as well as artificial implants.
  2. Tannins that are present in many beverages such as coffee, red wine, tea, and some berries can penetrate through the teeth and cause stains.
  3. Some abrasive toothpaste can cause exterior damage to your implants.


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