Steps To Follow When a Dental Emergency Occurs

Steps To Follow When a Dental Emergency Occurs

Even though a dental emergency can happen at any time, most individuals are hesitant to contact their dentist when it occurs. They suffer the discomfort silently. They remain unsure whether it is an emergency issue or not. This doubt should never cross your mind.

Emergencies are unwanted guests who come when not expected. You could have a loose tooth or be struck in the face at any time. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 emergency dental extraction treatments performed in Katy. However, emergency dentists in Richmond and Rosenberg are available 24/7 - Call Family Dental Corner for help.

6 Common Dental Emergency That Requires Emergency Dentist in Richmond:

  1. Injury - Mouth, Tongue, or Lips:

    You may bite your tongue, cheek, or lips unintentionally. Non-stop bleeding, a very serious accident and a jaw injury, have to be treated with an emergency dentist in Katy as soon as possible. Until then, take care of the patient and don't allow him to move about too much. Search for good emergency dentists on the internet in your locality. Choose Dr. Sally A. Abouassaf from the top results. Dr. Sally A. Abouassaf practicing at Family Dental Corner serves these locations: Greatwood TX, Richmond, Katy, Rosenberg and Pecan Grove.

  2. Unbearable Toothache:

    Dental abscesses or oral infections can cause severe tooth discomfort. Use a warm saline rinse as a preventative measure at home. Cold compresses can be used on any swollen areas, but only on the outside. Make an appointment with your emergency dentist in Pecan Grove to solve it.

  3. Crown Loss/Filling Loss:

    If you lose your crowns or caps, make an appointment with your dentist immediately for dental implants in Rosenberg. Dental cement, toothpaste, and gum should be used to keep the tooth back in place. Clove oil works great for pain and sensitivity, and you can get it in the grocery. Please schedule an appointment immediately with Dr. Sally A. Abouassaf incase of dental emergencies.

  4. Tooth Breakage:

    Tooth breakage is usually caused by an external injury. The fractured pieces may fragment. Wash the tooth with warm water, keep the pieces with you, and call your emergency dentist right away. If not treated it will mutate into bigger issues such as nerve injuries.

  5. Your Mouth Tastes Awful:

    If the filling or the crowns or the porcelain veneers in Rosenberg in the mouth has come out, the mouth will taste like metal. This can cause infection and cavities. Needs immediate care; otherwise one will deal with root canal issues later.

  6. Other Issues:

    Tooth loss, partial dislodgement, broken or loose braces or brackets, food extraction or objects caught in between teeth need immediate dental action.


If you're looking for an emergency dentist in Richmond, an excellent recommendation to solve your emergency dental issues is Family Dental Corner. Sally A. Abouassaf, DDS. practices at Family Dental Corner. Sally A. Abouassaf and her seasoned team provide immediate care for toothache, chipped tooth, knocked out tooth and perform emergency tooth extraction, and more. Browse through Family Dental Corner’s website to learn more details. Dial us at 832-980-9111 to arrange for an appointment.

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