Your Beverage Preferences May Be Hurting Your Smile

Your Beverage Preferences May Be Hurting Your Smile

Many of the choices you make during your typical day can feel minor. While they may have little impact in the moment, the cumulative effect of those decisions can have unintended consequences. For instance, your typical beverage preferences could be affecting your oral health, and creating a risk for cavities. It can be easy to overlook how a weakness for soft drinks, or a habit of using coffee to wake up, can lead to issues over time. Your Richmond, TX dentist’s office can provide dedicated oral health care during routine dental exams. If you make smart diet choices in between those visits, and keep up with daily oral care, you can limit your risk for problems like tooth decay.

The Troubles Created By Soft Drinks

If you are a habitual soft drink consumer, your teeth can experience real trouble. The amount of sugar packed into the typical soda can increase your risk for cavities. If you make the move to diet soda, you can still have problems because these beverages are so acidic. Foods and drinks that are more acidic can wear down the durability of your enamel, and make it easier for cavities and stains to occur.

Should I Be Worried About My Morning Coffee?

Coffee’s acidity can potentially create problems for your oral health. You can limit your risk by drinking coffee black, and without added sugar. One issue with caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea is that they can cause stains to gather in your enamel. If you are too quick to reach for a second or third cup in the morning, you may develop concerns about the color of your smile.

Are You Drinking Water Often Enough?

Drinking more water can help you remain hydrated, so you can produce saliva with more ease. Because saliva is a natural supporter of your smile health, this can have a meaningful effect on your risk for tooth decay. Using water as your chosen drink at mealtimes can reduce your sugar intake, and limit your smile concerns.

Talk To Family Dental Corner About Great Care For Your Smile

At Family Dental Corner, you can look forward to dedicated smile care. With effective preventive oral health support during checkups, and smart care at home, you can more easily maintain a healthy smile! To schedule an appointment, please contact our Richmond, TX dental office today at 832-980-9111

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