Using A Dental Crown To Complete Your Cavity Treatment

Using A Dental Crown To Complete Your Cavity Treatment

A cavity puts your tooth in real jeopardy, as decay can lead to physical damage, an internal tooth infection, and even the spread of bacteria to your jaw. Your Richmdond, TX dentist will take action by completely removing the decayed portion of your tooth. After this is done, you will need support from a dental restoration. This need for support is permanent – unfortunately, that lost portion of your tooth will not regrow naturally. You can still look forward to structural support, and support for your smile. Modern restorations can match the appearance of your natural teeth, while also providing needed protection. A modern dental crown can offer years of support, and fit in wonderfully with your smile.

Making Sure Your Tooth Has All The Support It Needs After A Cavity Is Removed

A dental crown is used in some, though not all, cavity treatments. When possible, your dentist will use a dental filling to address a cavity’s effect on a tooth. Fillings only occupy the space where decay occurred, meaning the surrounding structure is not affected. A crown completely covers your tooth. While this involves more modification, that added support is needed when a filling is not capable of providing the support you need after a cavity is removed.

Recognizing The Importance Of Early Cavity Detection And Treatment

How can you make sure you have treatment for your smile before you need a dental crown? You may not notice when a cavity has started to form, as you may not feel obvious discomfort. Fortunately, your dentist is able to spot those early cavities during checkups, and arrange the appropriate care. The dental cleanings you undergo at each preventive appointment can also help you avoid future cavities, adding to the value of these visits.

Family Dental Corner Can Provide You With Advanced Restorative Care From A Dental Crown

At Family Dental Corner, patients who need to do something about tooth decay can look forward to effective treatment. In addition to stopping the threat of a cavity, your dentist can supply you with a durable and attractive restoration. By calling Family Dental Corner in Richmond, TX, today at 832-980-9111, you can arrange necessary care, or set up a preventive appointment.

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