Seeing The Value In Early Cavity Detection And Treatment

Seeing The Value In Early Cavity Detection And Treatment

Does the timing really matter when it comes to cavity care? You can face more involved restorative dental work if you put off treatment for tooth decay, as a cavity will continue to worsen as time passes. Waiting too long to do something about a problem could leave you in need of a root canal procedure. However, you can limit the damage to your tooth if you seek care promptly. By attending regular checkups with your Richmond, TX dentist, you can limit the possibility that a cavity will go unaddressed until it requires more involved care. At each appointment, your dentist is looking carefully at your smile for any signs of decay that might require treatment.

Cavities Worsen Over Time, And Put Your Oral Health In Jeopardy

Cavities worsen as time passes. In its earliest stage, a cavity only harms the enamel, or outermost layers of your tooth. When your dentist treats a cavity at this stage, a dental filling can be the only treatment needed to provide a full recovery. Unfortunately, it can be hard to notice when you have a cavity in these early stages. If you do not attend regular checkups, you may not notice something is wrong until you start experiencing dental pain, or a spike in sensitivity. These are potential indicators that your cavity has reached your pulp, a problem that will require a root canal.

With Regular Checkups, Your Dentist Has Opportunities To Identify Problems In Their Early Stages

Every time you see your dentist for preventive care, your teeth are being closely watched for any signs of decay that might require treatment. In addition to enjoying earlier cavity detection and treatment, you can have any other oral health concerns promptly addressed. Your dentist can spot signs of gum disease, or evidence of habitual teeth grinding, during your evaluation.

Talk To Family Dental Corner About Arranging Regular Checkups

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