Quiz: Effective Approaches To Cavity Prevention

Quiz: Effective Approaches To Cavity Prevention

Are you up to the challenge of protecting your smile from the threat of tooth decay? Effective preventive dental care habits are hardly kept secret. You should strive to maintain good brushing and flossing habits, see your dentist for regular checkups, and limit the amount of sugar in your diet if you want to limit your cavity risk. Unfortunately, decay is still a persistent dental threat. If you have recently suffered a cavity, you may want to reevaluate your current oral care regimen. Are you taking enough time to brush properly? Are you flossing often enough? How long has it been since you went in for a routine dental appointment? Great smile care can keep your teeth healthy, and attractive. If you do have a problem, remember that your Richmond, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you by providing the appropriate treatment!


True Or False: You only need to floss if you brush less than twice a day.

True Or False: If your dentist does not find any cavities during your routine exam, there is no need to schedule another appointment until you feel something might be wrong.

True Or False: Replacing water with soft drinks at your meals can reduce the amount of sugar you consume, and protect your enamel from the acidic quality of colas.


False! You should not think of brushing as a substitute for flossing, as brushing alone can do too little to clean spaces between your teeth. Flossing every day can protect you against cavities in these hard-to-reach areas, and help you avoid gum disease.

False! Regular dental exams make it easier to protect your smile from decay. They also ensure that if something is wrong, your dentist can identify the problem and make arrangements to treat it before it worsens.

True! If you want to improve your defense against tooth decay, look for ways to cut back on sugar. Replacing soft drinks with water at meals can make it easier to keep your smile unaffected by cavities.

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