Quiz: Addressing Issues With Dental Pain And Sensitivity

Quiz: Addressing Issues With Dental Pain And Sensitivity

How serious is dental pain? When the problem is consistent and persistent, you should treat the matter with some urgency. Prolonged pain in a tooth could be a warning that your tooth has become infected, and that you need to have a root canal treatment to address the problem. You can count on your Richmond, TX dentist to restorative offer care in a friendly and modern environment. That means problem that lead to dental pain can be properly addressed without negatively changing your smile. Pain concentrated in your face, jaw, and neck can also indicate a problem that deserves your dentist’s attention – these can all be symptoms of TMJ dysfunction.


True Or False: If you tend to have pain in your face and jaw when you wake up, you could be grinding your teeth while you sleep. This can eventually lead to serious dental damage.

True Or False: A persistent tooth pain could be connected to an advanced cavity – your dentist may need to perform a root canal to address the matter properly.

True Or False: If you ever find yourself experiencing dental pain, even serious pain, you will have to wait until your next scheduled appointment to find out what might be going on with your oral health.


True! Teeth grinding can lead to TMJ dysfunction, or happen as a result. The problem should be taken seriously – if it is ignored, you could wind up experiencing serious dental damage!

True! A root canal treatment will see your dentist carefully remove the infected tissues from your tooth’s inner chamber before properly sealing that space. A dental crown can be placed after the procedure, to protect your tooth.

False! If you think something might be wrong with your oral health, putting off treatment can lead to complications that make matters worse. Let your dentist know when you think you require care.

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