Making Plans To Support Prosthetic Work With Dental Implants

Making Plans To Support Prosthetic Work With Dental Implants

Can you reasonably expect a dental prosthetic to offer cosmetic and functional benefits? If you are looking into addressing tooth loss, you may be worried that the benefits of restorative work are limited. Fortunately, your Richmond, TX dentist can talk to you about prosthetic work supported with dental implants. Implants provide support for a restoration that can make you more comfortable when you bite and chew food. You can feel more confident when you speak, and at meal times. The long-term benefits your implants provide include better health for your jawbone, and less tooth movement.

Can Dental Implant Support Really Have An Impact On My Experience With My Dental Prosthetic?

A dental prosthetic held by an implant can stay secured to your jawbone. This support imitates the support natural teeth receive from their roots, keeping your restoration stable. As you heal from the placement, your jawbone can actually fuse to the implant, which can provide superior support. You can even depend on your implant to limit the movement of neighboring teeth, and limit further losses. Implants also address a potential issues with jawbone deterioration, which can hurt your oral health, and make your face look sunken.

Don’t Put Off Care When You Need To Address Tooth Loss

If you lose even one tooth, you should seek out a restoration. Your dentist can talk to you about the ways in which a prosthetic can benefit your oral health, and improve your smile. If you ignore the matter, you can have a harder time with basic dental functions, and experience unease about the way you look. As time passes, you can experience issues with wear and tear on your remaining teeth, and develop TMJ issues as a consequence of your compromised dental function. Your dentist can walk you through the full benefits of restoring your smile during a consultation.

Talk To Family Dental Corner About Implant-Supported Prosthetic Work

At Family Dental Corner, you can learn about the benefits of having tooth loss addressed via implant-supported prosthetic work. Our office is excited to help patients in and around Richmond, TX enjoy superior smile care! To schedule your appointment with us, please contact our Richmond, TX dental office today at 832-980-9111!

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