How Dentures Can Give You Back Your Complete Smile

How Dentures Can Give You Back Your Complete Smile

Tooth loss can interfere with your daily life, and create feelings of self-consciousness. Different degrees of tooth loss can have different effects. While a single missing tooth is a problem, the loss of multiple teeth, or a full loss of your upper or lower teeth, can create more trouble. You may have to give up certain foods, and you can worry that you appear older because of your incomplete smile. The right dentures can make an important difference to the way you look, and to your quality of life. Partial and full dentures are available to patients, depending on their particular needs. If you want to enjoy more stability, and address potential problems with jawbone resorption, ask your Richmond, TX dentist about having dentures that are held by dental implants.

We Offer Full And Partial Dentures

Your needs can determine whether you need full or partial dentures. Your dentist’s goal is to help you maintain your healthy teeth. Partial dentures provide a single appliance that can restore a row of teeth with multiple absences. If you need them, full dentures are also available for the complete replacement of a row of teeth. These restorations can be made to fit you specifically, and they can offer valuable support in your daily life.

Should You Consider Having Dental Implants For Denture Support?

How can dental implants impact your experience with dentures? A sequence of implants can provide better stability for a restoration, so it can be easier to bite and chew foods that would otherwise be difficult to consume. Implants also provide a defense against the matter of jawbone resorption. When jawbone resorption affects you, it results in the loss of bone density in your jaw. Implants protect you against this because they stimulate your jaw, which leads to the delivery of nutrients that can keep the bone healthy.

Talk To Family Dental Corner About Receiving Custom Dentures

At Family Dental Corner, you can find out how dentures make it possible to give you back your smile, while also helping you enjoy better oral health. To learn more about how dental prosthetic work can help you, please contact our Richmond, TX dental office today at 832-980-9111!

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