Discuss Concerns About Your Smile Color With Your Dentist

Discuss Concerns About Your Smile Color With Your Dentist

If your smile looks dull, or seems to be stained, it is natural to feel some concern. You can be especially concerned if your efforts to whiten your teeth on your own offered limited results. Fortunately, you can see more dramatic improvements when you discuss a cosmetic dental procedure with your Richmond, TX dentist. For teeth stains, a professional whitening treatment can offer meaningful improvements. You can count on the advanced whitening agents your dentist provides to remove stains that seem especially persistent. Of course, a teeth whitening treatment is only one of several cosmetic dental procedures available to patients.

Look Into Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

Your teeth whitening treatment options include a special, custom kit to take home, as well as an in-office whitening procedure. Taking home your own whitening kit can make care more convenient – your custom tray can also make this process a convenient one. This can be ideal if your concern is with finding time in your routine to plan an appointment. If your concern is with seeing results as soon as possible, an in-office treatment can be more beneficial.

Asking About Additional Cosmetic Treatments

What else can your dentist do to help you feel great about your smile? Discoloration is a common, and understandably frustrating problem. With that said, there are other issues your dentist is ready to address. Problems with gaps and overlaps between teeth could call for an adjustment with MTM clear aligners in Richmond. These aligners work to correct orthodontic problems without traditional braces. You can also hide problems with the shape and condition of teeth with porcelain veneers.

Our Current Patient Specials Make It Easier To Include Teeth Whitening With Additional Services

For some patients, the “right time” to whiten their smile is before a big event. It can also be beneficial to look into cosmetic work when your life is a little less busy, and you can give the matter more attention. If you are thinking about how you would like to make your smile brighter, you should know that our current patient specials make this a great time to look into treatment. You can include a whitening treatment with an additional service, including an adjustment with clear aligners, if you act while our specials are available!

Family Dental Corner Can Help You Improve Your Discolored Smile

At Family Dental Corner, you can count on great help with your smile discoloration! A professional teeth whitening treatment can lead to a better, brighter smile, and effective treatment for difficult stains. If you are ready to look into this, or any other cosmetic procedure, let us know! You can plan a visit today by calling Family Dental Corner in Richmond, TX, today at 832-980-9111.

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