Be Mindful Of Bad Behaviors That Can Hurt Your Smile

Be Mindful Of Bad Behaviors That Can Hurt Your Smile

What kind of behaviors should you change in 2019? If you want to enjoy your best, healthiest smile, there are several areas of your life that can be addressed. If you want to protect yourself against cavities, and limit your risk for tooth stains, pay attention to your diet. Cutting back on sugars, and limiting how many dark foods and beverages you consume, can help you limit your risk for troubles. You can also scrutinize your typical brushing and flossing habits to see where improvements might be needed. Are you taking at least two minutes to brush? When you floss, do you reach your gum line? Making an effort to improve your daily oral health habits can be beneficial. With that said, you should still plan to attend regular dental exams. Seeing your Richmond, TX dentist for semiannual checkups can help you stay on top of your smile needs.

How Smile-Friendly Is Your Typical Diet?

While meals are obviously important to consider, you may want to pay attention to your snack habits to look for ways to cut back on sugar. If your usual afternoon snack is found in the nearest vending machine, you could be hurting your teeth by exposing them to sticky, sweet items too often. You should also think about how often you pair a meal with a soft drink. Sodas can be trouble thanks to their high sugar content, their acidity, and their potential to stain your teeth.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Brushing and Flossing Routine?

If your brushing routine is typically rushed, you can miss areas of your teeth, which means plaque can build. It can be a mistake to assume that aggressive brushing is a substitute for longer sessions – take at least two minutes when you care for your teeth. Brushing more forcefully will not extend your brush’s range, and it can wear down enamel. Even with great brushing habits, you should floss each day to protect your teeth between your gums.

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