3 Problems You Can Encounter If You Skip Regular Exams

3 Problems You Can Encounter If You Skip Regular Exams

How much time do you spend taking care of your smile each day? This obviously includes your efforts to clean your teeth, but you can also count your efforts to maintain a smile-healthy diet. Each day, you can perform actions that help you avoid cavities, and keep your teeth looking their best. While smart daily care is important, it should not be thought of as a reasonable replacement for regular dental exams. If you want to keep your teeth in the best possible shape, you should see your dentist for semiannual checkups. Every time you visit, your Richmond, TX dentist’s office provides a thorough cleaning, as well as a review to make sure there is nothing wrong with your oral health.

1. You Could Let A Cavity Go Unnoticed, And Untreated

It should be obvious when you have a cavity, as the discomfort decay causes will alert you to something being wrong…right? Unfortunately, you might not realize that you have a cavity until the situation becomes serious, and you have to worry about an internal tooth infection that requires a root canal treatment. While you may be unable to notice when a cavity initially forms, that newly-developed problem can be caught by your dentist, and your tooth can be restored with a dental filling.

2. You Can Leave Tartar On Your Smile

Tartar accumulation will make you more likely to have a problem that makes restorative dental work necessary in the future. The good news is that with thorough brushing and flossing, you can stop tartar from ever forming, and becoming a problem for you. The bad news is that those measures that stop tartar from forming are not able to remove any tartar accumulations that are already present. To have this harmful substance removed, you need to undergo a professional teeth cleaning.

3. You Can Lose Out On Unexpected Health Services Your Dentist Can Provide

Headaches can be an unpleasant part of life, but frequent headaches can be a sign that you have a health problem you should address. Would you think to schedule an appointment with your dentist over recurring headaches? This might sound like an odd decision, but you should know that regular pains like headaches, neck stiffness and soreness, and other problems can be connected to TMJ dysfunction, which your dentist can address. This is one example of a situation where your dentist can offer surprising support. When you schedule regular dental exams, you can stay informed about our full range of services, so you can have timely treatment if an issue starts to affect you.

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