3 Benefits You Can Expect From Your Tooth-Colored Filling

3 Benefits You Can Expect From Your Tooth-Colored Filling

Your goal should always be to maintain a smile that is totally free of any cavities. Unfortunately, many people will find that their efforts to protect their smile could not stop the formation of decay. When you have a cavity, you will need to seek restorative dental care to stop its continued growth. During a routine dental exam, your Richmond, TX dentist can look for cavities, and can identify a problem before you realize something might be wrong. When cavities are caught sooner, they can be addressed with a tooth-colored filling. While larger cavities can require the placement of a crown, many people can count on a filling to support their tooth. The tooth-colored fillings your dentist provides offer cosmetic and functional benefits that past metal fillings could not deliver.

1. Your Filling Can Bond With Your Tooth Structure

Your tooth-colored filling can enjoy an extra degree of stability thanks to its ability to bond with your tooth structure. In addition to providing more security, bonding will prevent the presence of small cracks. Metal fillings could leave small spaces between the restoration and your tooth structure, and bacteria could gather in those spaces.

2. Your Filling Will Give Your Tooth Support, So You Can Continue To Comfortably Bite And Chew

Your filling’s placement protects you against future decay. It can also protect you against a loss of stability to security, so your tooth can continue to take on biting and chewing pressures.

3. Your Filling Can Offer Protection Without Disrupting Your Appearance

Dental fillings made from appearance-friendly resin offer functional benefits, but they also provide you with a more attractive restoration. In the past, metal fillings could be a conspicuous presence that might hurt the quality of your smile. With a tooth-colored filling in place, you can feel more comfortable with the way you look after a cavity treatment.

Family Dental Corner Can Provide You With A Dependable, Discreet Tooth-Colored Filling

At Family Dental Corner, you can receive great smile care that protects your tooth, while also preserving the appearance of your smile! To learn more about the services we offer, please contact our Richmond, TX dental office today at 832-980-9111

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